Making It Safe
Invest In Humanity

We've set out to demonstrate, by a specific capital investment strategy, and a supporting global conversation, that the world can work for 100% of humanity.

For Our Survival

A goal of 100% survival was an idea framed by perhaps the greatest "impact thinker" of all time, R. Buckminster Fuller. Through design science, mathematics, and aeronautics, he sought out all the ways in which we could harvest what our spinning planet, our spaceship earth, has to offer in survival and standard of living. In his World Game theory, he said it was possible for all of us, 100% of all of us, to survive, and thrive, well beyond the way we do today, while still using our resources conservatively. Perhaps an even greater legacy is that he also pointed a way for us to redefine economic wealth, in a way that sustains us. That is the true mission of impact economics.

17 Sustainable Development Goals

For humanity to meet the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, it is now estimated that we would need to find a way, that we have not yet found, to rapidly raise our investments in the initiatives that help us meet those goals. We need a massive increase in the “defense spending” program that can save human lives. By current estimates, we face a current deficit of more than $3.5 Trillion needed, for our future survival

There is a solution

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